Measurable AI
Your Real-time Consumer Data Powerhouse

Measurable AI is your real-time consumer data powerhouse.

We build Measurable AI with machine learning and data visualization to deliver valuable consumer insights and accurate user purchasing profiles.

The best part is, we do it with 15 billion consumers’ shopping data that update on daily basis.

Without data, market research is just a guess.

There are tons of market researches out there for you to explore and read upon, but how many of them are relevant to your business, or let alone tailored for you?

Measurable AI’s data powerhouse is beyond any traditional time-consuming surveys, researches, or consulting.

It’s real-time, accurate, actionable, and most importantly, tailored for your business. You can set up your own data panel to answer your specific questions like “How is my competitor doing in the Holiday season on this particular item?”. You can also see how your consumers are reacting to the market and take actions before any competitors who are still waiting for a consulting report to act upon.

Think of us as your very own in-house consumer data scientist to help optimize your strategies with actual user purchasing habits and merchants' trends.

Instead of guessing what consumers might do, see what consumers are actually doing right now.

Don’t wait.
Let the data make your decisions.

About Our Data


Measurable AI analyzes up to 15 billion realtime anonymous data points of real online shoppers from 10 million mobile users.


By scanning and identifying actual online spender’s email receipts, Measurable AI transforms them into valuable insights, which updates daily right after the purchases happen.


Instead of wild guessing what consumers might do, you can now see what consumers are actually doing in real-time.

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